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Len's Light Tractor Relay

Len’s Light Tractor Relay - John O’Groats to Lands’ End

20 June to 20 July 2023

Lynda and Andy Eadon tragically lost their son, Len, to suicide at 22 years of age. ‘Len’s Light’ is their vision to launch a national awareness campaign on the mental health issues that affect people in the rural community.

Andy is to drive a tractor over 2000 miles this summer, travelling through Scotland, England and Wales. Along the length of this epic journey the tractor will visit many livestock markets. The couple will meet and talk to as many people as possible to reflect on issues of concern.

The key message to be relayed along the route is:

“no-one in the rural community should feel isolated or alone “

The couple want Len’s Light to encourage conversations about mental health and break down the stigma which is attached to suicide. Lynda says: “it is so important that everyone talks openly about how they are really feeling and to reach out for help when it is needed. People need to be willing to really listen to these conversations and to pick up on any concerns.”

Along the route alphabetic letters will be collected to spell out a significant message on arrival at Lands’ End. This should resonate with rural communities nationwide.

The tractor will also visit Westminster to support a campaign to include suite awareness in the curricula of colleges and universities.

Lynda and Andy say: “The journey of Len’s Light reflects on the many issues in modern day farming. The tractor relay would never have happened if we had not reached out for help, support and guidance.

That same support is needed to keep everyone safe in their own journeys. Everyone has something to offer, so please reach out, accept help and become strong so that you can give back to others.”

Len’s Light is a tribute and legacy for Len Eadon who, in his short life, touched the hearts of so many. The farming community reached out and offered support when Lynda and Andy most needed it. It continues to do so as the couple try to come to terms with the loss of their son. They feel they need to give something back in return and that Len’s Light will provide that focus.

The official launch of Len’s Light will be at Kenilworth Show on Saturday 3 June 2023.

Helping to raise awareness and funds through for 3 registered charities:

· Farming Community Network

· Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies)

· Papyrus


Since Len’s death in January 2022 over £100,000 has been raised for the charities in his name. The couple have also launched 5 a day campaign to help people keep safe. Over 18,000 wallet sized cards showing the challenge and emergency contact details are being distributed to Young Farmers and others in the rural community.

Suicide is the main cause of death in the under 35s.

Lynda and Andy are very grateful to Farol/John Deere for supplying the tractor for the relay.


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