Kenilworth Show Education

We are delighted to be launching a series of educational farming videos.



Within the main library of videos we shall be including a variety of topics including lambing, harvest time and farm machinery. The collection will be added to each season as we move from one farming period to the next.


Through education our aim is to reconnect both children and adults with rural life, develop a better understanding of farming and increase awareness of the field to fork journey and British Food and Farming.

We shall begin this farming series with some spring themed videos looking at lambing time on the farm. 

The Farming Series



Harvest Time

Videos will be available in August 2021



Farm Machinery

Videos will be available in October 2021



Looking at Cows

Videos will be available in January 2022

We are also pleased to be able to share with you some other videos primarily aimed at farmers.


Within this series of videos we begin by looking at the very important area of mental wellbeing. There are a number of videos from main charities that are out there to support farmers in their time of need. 

We shall be adding to the subjects covered here over the course of time in the hope they provide a valuable source of information for those within the industry.

Click here to access these videos