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2022 Young Farmer of The Year Award

Ed Burman has been selected as the society’s Young Farmer of the Year for 2022. Ed, a 29-year-old third generation farmer from Hatton, Warwickshire is now fully integrated within the family business in his own right. Ed transitioned from a past occupation within the automotive sector. During this time Ed continued to have a deep interest in what went on at home on the farm but there was no extra source of income to support a job role there.

Ed had a burning urge to get back to his roots and pursue his passion for agriculture, so he set about generating his own source of income on the family farm, while still providing consistent/cost effective labour for said family business to firstly lower costs but more importantly generate fresh income sources in a progressive and sustainable manner.

He pursued the relevant licensing and infrastructure to facilitate the production of cold pressed hemp seed oil. This in turn lowers their fixed costs directly and gives a vast array of CO2 negative BI-products, from animal feeds, bedding, building materials in addition to our cold pressed oil products.

Through marketing these products online and at local markets it has created another alternative income stream. At the same time it brings a new and improved biodiversity/value to the farm’s rotation and very helpful input cost savings. Most importantly of all Ed says it has given him the opportunity to support the family business and give back a little bit for the privilege, which is growing up within this industry.

Now in its second year the society’s Young Farmer of The Year award attracted a large number of nominations this year. The award recognises farmers under the age of 30 who have a great work ethic, demonstrate a real knowledge of their area of agriculture and are a positive ambassador for farming in the UK. The judges were impressed with the calibre of Young Farmers interviewed for the award and would like to pass on their congratulations to each and every one of these young farmers for all their hard work and the enthusiasm they have for the industry.

Ed will be presented with the award, alongside Dave Odell who was the runner up for this year, at the society’s annual show on Saturday 3rd June 2023. Nominations for the 2023 award will again open up in August and the society welcomes nominations from across Warwickshire.


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