Rules & Regulations

Any stands selling food or drink for consumption on site must contact the secretary in the first instance.


Conditions applicable to trade stand bookings.


All applications for ground space for Trade Exhibits must be made in writing and sent, with payment, to the Trade Secretary. All Exhibitors automatically become Corporate Members. Applications close on 1st June 2020 or earlier if space is filled. Payment made via cheque and subject to cheque being returned from the bank the exhibitor will be charged a handling fee of £5 plus additional bank charges.



(a). To assist in allocating suitable positions the type of stand should be stated (e.g. Display Caravan, Marquee, and Machinery etc.) The nature of the exhibitor’s business should be specified, as well as the activities to be carried out on the stand apart from selling, e.g. demonstrations of stated items.

(b). Sites shall be allocated in such positions and in such order as the Society deem fit.

(c) Without prejudice to the generality of sub clause (b) above, the Society will use its best endeavours to ensure that early applicants receive priority of position.

(d) The Society reserves the right to refuse any application.

(e) Any dispute between exhibitors or between any exhibitor and the Society as to the extent or position of any site which is allocated shall be determined by the Society’s Secretary at the time whose decision shall be final.

(f) The Society does not warrant that any site is suitable or fit for any purpose.


All Generators must be supplied by the exhibitor. A permit (cost £20-00) is required to use a generator in connection with an open ground space between 9-00 a.m. and 6-00 p.m. on Show day; this may be withdrawn without refund of permit fee if a justifiable complaint is received.



The name and address of each Trade Exhibitor and a brief description of the exhibit, goods and/ or service will be included free of charge in the catalogue for all applications received prior to 8th May 2020 (description must not exceed 15 words). The exhibitor’s description must be given on the application form.


(a) The Society, its Officers and Servants shall not be held responsible for any accident, damage or loss that may occur to any exhibitor or his employee or to any animal or article while entering or leaving or during the period it is on the Showground.

(b)The Society cannot be held responsible for damage to any stand or loss of any exhibits or articles on the Showground.

(c)Trade exhibitors are required to effect with a reputable Insurance Company, Public and Product Liability Insurance cover commensurate to the nature of their business, and may be asked to produce proof of this.

(d) Exhibitors are responsible for their own security arrangements; none are provided by the Society.

(e) Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and for ensuring safe working practices are followed by themselves, their employees, agents and contractors. It is incumbent on exhibitors to comply with all relevant rules and regulations appertaining to such an event.

(f) Gas bottles must NOT be stored or used within enclosed spaces.

(g) The person in charge of any vehicle or container of any kind brought onto the ground by an exhibitor, his contractor, servant or agent will open same for inspection of the contents at the request of the Secretary (and any person authorised in writing by him) or a Police Officer. 

(h) The Society reserves the right to require the immediate removal of any article or structure which, in the opinion of its Secretary, constitutes a hazard to the safety of any person, including the exhibitor, and may remove the hazard (without liability for any damage caused) should the exhibitor upon request fail to do so.


In the event of any exhibitor notifying the Secretary that he/she is unable to attend, the Society will refund the charges paid, less an administration fee of £25.00 provided that the space is resold by the Society to another exhibitor satisfactory to the Secretary, (see also 11d below). In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Society (whether or not the Show takes place), the only compensation due to the exhibitor will be a refund of the fees paid in respect of the cancelled booking.


The Showground will be open for the reception of exhibits from Friday 5th June 2020, or by prior arrangement with the Secretary. Any exhibitor or goods arriving earlier will be TURNED AWAY. All Trade Stands must be completely erected and all vehicles removed from the avenues by 9-00 a.m. on the Show Day. Any exhibitor, caterer, or vehicle delivering to an exhibitor’s stand arriving after 10-00 a.m. will not be admitted to the exhibition area.


STANDS MAY NOT BE DISMANTLED BEFORE 6.00 P.M. ON SHOW DAY and goods vehicles will not be re-admitted to the exhibition area before this time. Exhibitors shall be responsible for clearing the site by 5-00 p.m. on Sunday 7th June 2020, replacing turf, filling post holes, making good any damage to ground, removing gravel, chippings, paving, straw, flowers etc. Any work which the Society has to carry out to restore the ground will be charged to the exhibitor.


Exhibitors may use the services of any caterers for the convenience of their clients, but no charges must be made for refreshments to the general public except by the Society’s official caterers and concessionaires. Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all Public Health and Food Hygiene requirements, and are reminded that the regulations apply even when the refreshments are offered free of charge.

All caterers must fill in a trade application with a £75 non-refundable deposit to secure the pitch, this will be deducted from the commission of 25% subject to completed and signed contract. 

10. CARAVANS AND MOTORHOMES These may be sited on booked space or in the designated area in the Lorry Park. For security purposes it may sometimes be possible to temporarily site them in the avenue outside the stand, provided no obstruction is caused and they are removed by 7-30 a.m. on Show day.

11. CONDUCT No person shall:

(a.) offer for sale any articles, display posters or distribute any pamphlets, other than from an exhibitor’s stand.

(b.) accost others or call attention to goods or services in such a manner as to cause annoyance to exhibitors or to the public;

(c) use radio or other equipment causing interference to the Society’s equipment’

(d) sub-let any exhibitor’s stand or part thereof, without the prior consent of the Secretary.

(e) make any charge for admission to an exhibitor’s stand.

(f) use any public address system or internal combustion engine or provide recorded or live music audible outside his stand during the hours of 9-00 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. on Show Day without the prior written permission of the Secretary. (The Society reserves the right to withdraw such permission should a justifiable complaint be made).

(g) exhibit any animal on a stand without the prior written permission of the Secretary;

(h) sell by auction or otherwise behave in an unsuitable manner;

(i) make a charge for the supply of photographs, operate as a cheapjack or hawker, or make a charge or accept donations in respect of participation in a raffle or a game of chance.

12. TRADE.

Definition of “Trade” is for use and consumption of trade items off the show ground premises. Any Catering outlets must apply directly to the Secretary for approval of catering facilities. Any person contravening these rules is liable to expulsion from the Showground foregoing any fees paid to the Society. The placing of leaflets under the windscreen wipers of parked vehicles is prohibited. Contravention of this rule will result in a fine of £500.


A. CATERING FACILITIES: The member’s marquee and catering facilities are available to exhibitors at the prices as at the time set by the Society. The hosts of the marquee are at liberty to refuse entry to any persons at their discretion.

B. TICKETS: Tickets and passes will be allocated as shown on the price list to Trade Stand Exhibitors two weeks prior to the Show or on completion of the Show site maps. These will be issued by the Secretary and NO further free tickets will be allocated to trade stand exhibitors, unless with the full discretion of the Secretary. Further tickets for entry shall be purchased at advance rate prices.

C. ALL Regulations applying to animals as laid out by DEFRA are to be strictly adhered to.

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