KADAS Winter 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 12

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and let's hope 2021 brings us some better times. Although the sad decision had to be made at the end of last year to cancel our 2021 show the society still continues and we hope to bring you some smaller events over the coming months. Obviously all these are Covid dependent, we hope to know more as the months go by and we shall keep you updated. We strive to remain positive for this year and continue to think along the lines of what we can do rather than what we can't.

Members will shortly be receiving a list of all proposed meetings for 2021. All these shall continue to be held via Zoom until government legislation allows otherwise. Our first General Standing Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th January at 8.00pm. These meetings are open to all members and we would welcome anyone wishing to attend. The Zoom invitation will be emailed to all members we have email addresses for around a week before.


Our annual AGM was held via Zoom on Monday 7th December 2020 and members will be receiving a copy of these minutes following this newsletter. You will see that Sheila Cole, the then Society President, reported to the meeting and the detail of this are contained within the minutes.

Committee Members

The society welcomes some new faces to our committees. John Rouse takes over from Nicky Maynard as Chairman with Alex Watton by his side as Vice Chairman. Roger Wyatt becomes our Society President with David Lodder our President Elect. We also welcome two new directors, Hannah Church and Paul Doherty. We look forward to working with you all.

As they step down from their posts, on behalf of the society our thanks go to Nicky Maynard, Sheila Cole, Heather McCurdie and Pete Smith for all their hard work whilst in post.

Thanks also go to all those who have supported the society this past year whether as a committee member, society member or supporter of the show. We do so rely on this ongoing support so thank you.

2021 Events

Government legislation allowing we have a number of proposed ideas for events in the pot for 2021. Some of these include a Tractor Run, Zoom Quiz, Farm Walk, Treasure Hunt along with some variations to our Homecraft, Equine, Livestock and Crop Competitions.

We shall however need to wait patiently until the current situation improves but will keep you updated on any dates for your diary and will also post all updates onto the website and social media.

Farmer Time

KADAS Charity - raising funds to help support, promote and educate in agriculture. With this in mind one of the ideas that has been discussed is the possibility of getting society members involved in LEAF's Farmer Time. Farmer Time aims to inspire, engage and educate young people about the journey from farm to fork, highlighting the role of the agricultural sector in society.

Participating in Farmer Time allows you to communicate directly with the next generation of consumers, bridging the gap between your industry and the public. Farmers across the UK are educating children on not only where their food comes from but also encouraging classroom learning, promoting healthy eating, and inspiring the future food production workforce. By volunteering some of your time to connect with a UK school you will be contributing to the creation of relevant and engaging learning opportunities based on a real-life context.

If anyone would be interested in receiving further information on this initiative please do get in touch and we can forward your details on.

Return of Cups

Can we ask if anyone is still in possession of cups, from both our crops competitions and the 2019 show, to arrange for these to be returned just as soon as current travel restrictions are lifted. If you email me at then I can let you have the names and addresses for collection points. Hopefully there is one close to you and you can drop them off.

Membership Due to the circumstances we all found ourselves in during 2020 the society agreed that all paid up members in 2020 would have their membership rolled over to 2021. This will obviously be honoured by the society however we do urge those who can to continue to support the society in whatever way they can this year. Whether this be renewing your membership as normal or by making a donation to the society, it would be so very much appreciated in a year where we currently have no financial income due so far this year.

Membership can be purchased via the website however should you wish to be emailed over a membership form I can arrange this for you upon request. The ability to make a donation to the society via the website is currently being worked on so hopefully this will be possible in the next week or so.

Email Again, I would like to urge all those of you who are receiving this newsletter by post to think whether there is an email address you could use to access these in the future. When sending out a number of mailings throughout the year we have the cost of a second-class stamp, now costing 65p, add to this the paper, envelopes and time to collate the mailings, all clearly eats into precious society funds. By receiving this correspondence via email it also means you get to hear the news and receive all relevant information immediately.

Website To keep the ongoing costs of the society down it was decided to take the society and show website in house. We spent the summer months putting this new website together which is now live so please do take a look. The website is a constant work in progress but we hope you will all agree it looks fresh and serves it's purpose well, while keeping costs to a minimum.

As always


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