Crops Competitions

Rules & Regulations
Rules and Conditions of Entry 1. All competitors must be fully paid up members of the Kenilworth Agricultural Society for the current competing year. 2. All exhibits to be in the defined boundary of Old Warwickshire — see definitive map 18 miles radius of Kenilworth Clock Tower 3. Classes attracting less than three entries may be cancelled 4. Classes with…
Entry Forms
Seeds Entry Form Sheep Entry Form Dairy & Beef Entry Form Farm of the Year Cereals Gardens 2017 Autumn Produce Schedule
Crops Competition Results
Stored Forage Results 09.02.16 Stored Forage 07.02.17 Sheep Competition Results 03.05.16 Seeds Competition Results 10.05.16 Barley Competition 21.06.16 Oil Seed Rape Competition 21.06.16 Gardens Competition 21.06.16 Schools Garden Competition 01.07.16 Milling Wheat & Oats Competition 12.07.16 Feed Wheat Competition 12.07.16 Beans Competition 12.07.16
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